Divorce Your Jewellery Video II


2D animation
Character design


“Shhharoarr!” (King Kong)


This is our second animation for australian company Divorce your Jewellery. In this case we explain the process to be used to send the jewels safely by using the postal service.

Order your free PostSafe pack by emailing, calling or SMS’ing us.

You will receive your pack within a day or two.

Gather up your jewellery and other gold like coins or nuggets. It doesn’t matter if they are broken or damaged.

Fill out our quick details form, and don’t forget to sign it.

Place your signed form, a copy of your ID  & pouch of goods into the supplied registered post envelope.

Take your parcel to any Australia Post outlet, to be sent securely, at no cost to you.

There is no need to worry as we fully insure your goods, and if you change your mind or don’t accept our offer your jewellery will be returned to you straight away.

You can track your parcel online, and we will inform you as soon as it has arrived.

We are jewellers not pawnbrokers, so we can expertly appraise your jewellery. This assures you of a top price.

We will then call you with our offer.

On acceptance of our offer we will immediately credit your nominated bank account.

Or send you a personal cheque.

Divorce your Jewellery…. Turn your ex-jewellery into ex-tra cash.