2D animation


“Me like, Me share!” (Tarzan)


After our fifth website redesign for FullTraffic’s online advertising network what came next was kind of obvious: Update their explainer video. The client sent us a script and based on it we created a grumpy, but sweet alien character named Bob.

As we watch the video Bob shows us the benefits of using FullTraffic’s network while he promotes his space taxi services and sells his octopus pet.

Full-page ads are a simple and highly-effective way to offer your services or products to specific target audiences.

At FullTraffic, we deliver fast and affordable solutions to your business by providing you with one of the world’s largest full-page networks out there.


How does it work?

Display interactive ads which highlight your best benefits, products or services.

Full-page ads take up the whole screen, which enables you to get your message right on the spotlight.

Got a new product? Show it.

Got a new service? Offer it!

Let users see you without clicking; drive them towards your experience without effort and make your investment count.

To top it off, it’s extremely easy to use: Build an engaging page – load up your URL  – and let the ad work its magic.


How to use it

What does your business’ campaign need? Reach? Performance? We got it.

Set a reach campaign to amplify your message; make your brand stand out and invite target audiences to know you.

Go for Performance if you know what’s the best audience for your campaign.

Target your ads with these options:


– By Country: We detect users’ location through IP databases in order to deliver your message to the right visitors. Create campaigns for any group of countries, or blast-target the world selecting All Countries.

– By Channels: Create an ad zone and hand-pick the channels which best suit your needs. Once you select a channel, your ad will be displayed in the FullTraffic Network’s sites that match your chosen criteria.

– By Keyword: Match your ads to relevant sites on the FullTraffic Network using keywords or topics that best describe your services. Contextually-targeted ads offer relevant information to potential customers and attract audiences interested in your message.

FullTraffic’s model guarantees you full satisfaction of your investment, so choose your target wisely, we make it worthwhile. Request changes on-the-fly if you need to, that way you can optimize your campaign on and on. Stay fresh and relevant to your audiences.

Set your goals and think hard about what your business needs. With over 20 million views per day in service, we can make it happen.