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“Even the wisest enjoy a little nonsense now and then, but constant diet of foolishness will only produce a fool.” – The Spectacled Eider

We were contacted by author Nathan James to create an animated video for his Kickstarter project.

The project “Kingfisher and Wren: A Book of Verses”, conveys the importance of honesty, courage, perseverance, and love through verses extolling the virtues of morality.

Kingfisher and Wren will encourage children to come to terms with a broad range of personal, moral, and social issues. The book aims to counter non-critical thinking, prejudice, poor judgment, and apathy towards unconventional ideas, and forces us to examine our thoughts and beliefs. The verses stimulate creative thinking and new ideas. The author’s goal is to engage readers in five important thinking skills: information processing, reasoning, inquiry, creative thinking, and evaluation. These can be used to stimulate philosophical inquiry and engage children in thoughtful discussions.

For this project we created some fake book covers. With titles as “The farting dog, the story about a dog that farts” and “Stupidman! …So stupid  it’s almost funny”, we show the difference between what James is trying to create, and what the market seems to be selling today.


book covers

Are you concerned about the prevalence of nonsense today and how it negatively affects children?

Do you feel overwhelmed when trying to find a meaningful children’s book that engages the reader in analytic learning?

Why is this?

…Maybe it’s because our children’s level of reading is declining, simpler vocabulary dominates books, and the focus is directed on simply entertaining children, rather than educating children.

Meet Nathan Janes…

He has a solution to these concerns in the form of a phenomenal book he created called Kingfisher and Wren.

Kingfisher and Wren is a book of story-telling verses that fosters ethical values and important virtues, while enriching and expanding a child’s vocabulary.

The book features ingenious characters, wondrous illustrations, and imaginative storytelling that encourages readers to contemplate the virtues of morality while building self-confidence in their decision-making skills.

Fascinating, unique, noteworthy and charming are a few words that describe this delightful book.

Janes’s author, “The Spectacled Eider,” will be brought to life using an animatronic puppet that will be accompanied by Bear-Bear, a polar bear companion in the form of a costumed mascot who travels alongside the Spectacled Eider. It will be like having an imaginary friend, who is anything but imaginary. Bear-Bear and the Spectacled Eider offer a truly one-of-a-kind idea experience for a child.

You see… children are natural philosophers with inquisitive minds. By cultivating a fertile path in their minds, children will voraciously consume knowledge, wisdom, and gain insight, as opposed to digesting the idiocy and nonsense bombarding them these days.

Confidently fund this project knowing your support will be a wise investment for the children (and adults) who read this book!

Supporters can feel confident that they have made a wise investment in endorsing a product that will enamor children, as well as adults.

Sponsors who pre-order the book will help fund the project and make it a reality.

Kingfisher and Wren… the vital spark that will ignite forward-thinking minds, enlightening consciousness in the 21st Century.