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Roamable is the solution for employees who don’t get much out of any training or eLearning program. The reason why these trainings don’t work is because to learn a taskflawlessly, the best is to do so while on it and not using a textbook in a classroom.

Luckily mLearning  is here! Mobile learning applications allow service providers to consult their smartphone apps as they are actually completing a  task. This way they can make sure they are doing it right.

So let’s say you have this new employee “Jane” who you’ve been training for over 2 months. By now Jane should be able to perform all those “simple” tasks when she hits the floor after training…well, not likely. It’s a fact that anyone attending classroom training forgets 75% of what they’ve learned after just 2 days.

So when Jane is ready to start working she might accurately remember 2 of the 5 steps in one process, and with some luck she might remember the name of the human resources expert who will waste some valuable time trying to help her.

What a mess! Luckily eLearning is here to help us…isn’t it? Well, no. While companies have made great efforts to provide e-Learning materials for their employees, it is rarely in a format that the employee can find and apply while on the job.But don’t panic, finally we have a solution. Mobile Learning actually works, cause it puts your employees in a hands-on environment with a resource that gives them the training and support they need, at the moment they need it.

Lets say Jane has to visit a client’s house to see why his wi-fi is not working. With mLearning, she can pull out her mobile app and get just-in-time training or performance support materials for that specific skill in real time. She can consult her app as she completes the task, sort of like a workplace GPS,  to be sure she’s doing it right, and because she learned the task at the moment of doing, she will  apply 90% of what she just learned to the task at hand!

Even better, the client is engaged and impressed with the company’s thoroughness and up-to-date technology, while Jane never had to reveal that she didn’t know the answer off the top of her head.

mLearning is always ready to go, knows where you are and what you need, it’s cross platform and guess what? It’s not just for new employees as it can help every member of your team to get sharper and more knowledgeable every day.

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