Thermo Fisher

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With revenues of more than $20 billion and approximately 65,000 employees globally, Thermo Fisher is without a doubt the biggest Bio-technology lab equipment maker in the world.

They also happen to have quite a sense of humor and they love promoting their new products in funny and creative ways. So what other way of letting the world know about their latest NanoDrop Spectrophotometer can you think of other than having the top scientists of our world rapping about it? Yup, we can’t think of a better way either.

Say hello to Charles Darwin and friends (and be sure to check the video with subtitles on the second tab!).

They call him Charles Darwin,

An English naturalist

That Species do evolve

On that he did insist

But early in my life

To advance my education

Set sail on the Beagle

On five year investigation

My best known contribution

The Theory of evolution

A scientific explanation

Of natures diversification

Accepted as fact

In the 1870s,

My greatest work

On the Origin of Species,


I’m the one!

Who the one?

You’ da one!

I’m the one!

Who the one?

You’ da one!


It’s 1927

And my evidence

Showed DNA

Was inheritance

He was a pioneer

Of immunochemistry

His name, don’t wear it out

Yeah, Is Oswald Avery

Principle transformation

Hereditary information

DNA in your gene

Not carried in protein

A crator on the moon?

No Nobel prize for me

My name you won’t forget, SHOUT IT OUT (all)

Oswald Avery



Rosalind Franklin

Yeah that’s she

X-ray diffraction

Her field of study


VIRUS’s and coal?

All areas I studied

But not my final goal

Despite clashes in the lab

Her crystallography

Led to a DNA

Double helix theory

So its time for you

Yeah that’s my cue

The science will never drop

I’ll come show you what I got