QB Media is a 2D animation and design studio. We create beautiful and engaging corporate, promotional and explainer videos. These are some of our clients:

The importance of Video

The importance of having an explainer video (either animated or with Live Action) on today’s internet is irrefutable. Here are some of the reasons why you should have one.

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Creative Process

Our process goes from script to finished video (including voice over, post production and a long list of etceteras). Click here to know how we make this extremely easy for you.

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We build long lasting relationships based on work ethics, honesty and reliability. We love our clients and our clients love us. Go ahead and discover how they feel about our work.

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Our Process


We either write a script or the client provides us with one of his own

Character and Scene Designs

Once the sketches and storyboard are accepted we proceed to turn those sketches into final character and scene designs.

Style and Voiceover

We start sketching the characters while the voice talent selected by the client records the script.

Production & Post

Once characters and scene designs are approved we start with animation and Sound Fx. In this step we also select the background music and the client receives new 20 second clips as animation moves forward


We create a simple illustrated guide for scenes and transitions based on the final script.


We deliver the final video in several cross-platform formats: For internet, TV, tablets, cinema or whatever file format the client needs.


Latest Work