Behind the scenes . Creating a scene for an animated music video

In this post you’ll find a quick video tutorial on how we created one of the scenes for the animated music video for Coloba’s “The Conductor” track. In this step-by-step video you’ll find some of the editing and animation progress needed to create the scene.

Of course not all of the effort is shown, as creating this scene took about 2 days. You must be wondering why so long, so we are attaching a list of all the work that had to be done:

– Image browsing / selection
– Image isolations / background removal
– Creating each comp and precomp layer by layer
– Applying effects to add realism
– Creating lights and shadows
– Color correction
– Adjustment layers and postproduction
– Animation

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this book is full of spiders book cover

Boosting my creativity Part I: Books

I’m an avid reader. Ever since I was a child I found great joy on reading books, comics and even the newspaper’s comic strips. As a teenager I slowed down quite a bit on reading cause…a teenager usually has other interests.

After I graduated as a graphic and digital designer and founded QB Media (back in 2003) I started reading a lot of design and marketing related books.

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live action gear

Video Postproduction

We have recently completed a promotional video for a smartphone and tablet application that acts as a city tourist guide. We used our Quadcopter drone with an attached GoPro camera to make the initial aerial shot and then blended it with a second shot in which an actor is seen holding a smartphone

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