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AdHipe was part of FullTraffic’s online advertising network and had it’s own ad formats. While working on this animation the company decided to fusion all their services into the main branch, so this explainer video was never finished. Although it’s missing the last 10 seconds, it’s worth watching!

Here at AdHipe, we take online marketing to a whole new level.

We make it fast, easy and effective.

Take the story of Mr. Webber. He spent 5 years writing the ultimate book about fast Italian car manufacturers. But all those years of research, sleepless nights and writing meant nothing for those few people that came to his store.

He then found AdHipe, created an ad campaign and immediately people started noticing his store and the book he was selling.

However, no one was entering the store. Then, after realizing the targeting capabilities that AdHipe offered, he started by selecting, men, then those from Italy in the age range of 20-50, and lastly those interested in cars.

Needless to say, he got a large base of clients. His business continues to grow and AdHipe stands by his side .

AdHipe – take full advantage of our diverse range of ad formats to advertise your site . Analyze and optimize your ad campaign to get the best results.

Start now and let us help you grow YOUR business. Just like Mr. Webber did!



2.5 D animation
Character design


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Bitpix organizes and unifies every aspect of photo shoots to ensure a seamless flow from the organizational phase to first shot and through post production. By having a proven system in place, clients can maximize the number of shots taken on a shoot and reduce the number of errors in post production, thus speeding up turnaround time to the printer and saving time and money.

From tracking the merchandise shot to the filenames, metadata, props used, crew contact information, and selects made from each shot, Bitpix puts the entire crew in one centralized system. All production changes are pushed to the crew in real time. Whether it’s an on set producer or a creative director back in the office, everyone has a centralized system to see what’s happening on a shoot, and what needs to be done.

QB Media took care of the script and crafted an animated video that explains commercial fashion companiesadvertising agencies and photo producers how the software works.

Photo shoots are NOT easy.

Ask this hardworking Art Director. She has been planning this shoot for weeks.

The set looks great, the model looks stunning, and the photographer is a real pro. Nothing can go wrong, right?


Introducing the all too familiar “Production Nightmare”.
Things get messy, shots go missing, image filenames are wrong and all the while time is running short!

When it comes to organizing your shoot, emails and spreadsheets alone Just. Won’t. Do it.

What if there is a way to organize your shoot, from the pre-planning stage all the way through post-production? Where you could build your shot list, organize your layouts and style notes digitally, and manage your on-set selects from each shot, in a single place where everyone could see everything in real time.

Well, there is a way. It’s called BitPix!
With BitPix, we make it easy for the entire crew and the guys at the office to communicate and interact.

Shot list? Check.
Metadata? Check.
Image Management? Check.
Customizable? Check.

Yes, we’ve got you covered. Completely. With BitPix, everything is in the cloud and changes update automatically! It just feels like everyone is working in the same room, on a single computer.

BitPix includes everything you need to get the job done – fast, easy, and stress-free.
Ready to give it a try?

BitPix, the intelligent choice for your next photo shoot.