Doowii Demo video


Motion Gfx
2D animation
Character design
Character animation


“Share you must, my young Padawan.” (Yoda)


When people who worked at Google, Twitter, Snapchat, Microsoft, ebay and Amazon come together to create new software you know something good will come out of it. That something is called Doowii, an AI-powered data analytics tool designed specifically for the education sector.

Our video embarked on a journey by underlining Doowii’s user-centric design, enabling users to interact using every-day language. This eliminates the complexity of queries and the wait for analysts. The video aptly demonstrated Doowii’s swift data processing capabilities, facilitating educators’ rapid access to vital information.

Highlighting the versatility of Doowii, the video showcased its effortless dashboard customization. Users can quickly establish custom dashboards, offering a consolidated view of crucial data. The video also spotlighted Doowii’s seamless integration of diverse data sources, streamlining workflows by eliminating the need to toggle between various tools.