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Cardinal Health


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“Shhharoarr!” (King Kong)


Cardinal Health is a Fortune 500 health care services company that specializes in distribution of pharmaceuticals and medical products, providing these products to over 75% of hospitals in the United States.

The company needed an explainer video for Cardinal Health Advantage, a program that allows small and independent pharmacies to expand their business by providing solutions to any problem they might have.

Sally owns a community pharmacy and wants to make a difference in providing healthcare in her community, but feels overwhelmed trying to navigate the healthcare changes.

Luckily Sally is a Cardinal Health customer and has access to Community Pharmacy Advantage: customizable business solutions that enable you to realize your unique vision, expand your business and help the people in your community live healthier lives.

We organized our solutions into three categories to address your pharmacy needs:

Retail advantage solutions help you grow your front-end and make your store the preferred destination for healthcare and convenience.

Wellness advantage solutions from specialized care centers to medication dispensing solutions help you lead your community in wellness

Business advantage solutions including Reach for the Stars, Medication Therapy Management and more are designed to help you protect your core business; the prescription.

After reviewing the Community Pharmacy Advantage solutions Sally realized she was missing a Wellness Advantage from her pharmacy. She connected with her sales rep and started a Specialized Care Center.

Sally now feels prepared to face the future of healthcare.

Find the solutions right for your pharmacy today!