BirthdayPak Explainer Video


2.5 D animation
Character design


Use the Force, Luke….Share.


BirthdayPak creates first time engagements for an exclusive group of upscale businesses with an exclusive group of affluent consumers, but in such a way that carefully protects their brand and image.

BirthdayPak works by integrating compelling direct mail with a personalized online experience that engages the audience with the promise of valuable offers from the best businesses in the area.

To illustrate how the product works the client wanted to show it through restaurant owners struggling to make their clients get back once and again. For this we had to create several characters, including a Chef and his wife, a waiter, a BirthdayPak receiver, etc.

Meet the Smiths, they own an upscale restaurant. Business is going well, but they want to reach more of their local community and increase recurring customers.

Traditional advertising could compromise their upscale brand. So how do they appropriately communicate to their best customer?
Introducing BirthdayPak, a multi-channel marketing program that puts an exclusive group of retailers in front of an exclusive group of customers. And since BirthdayPak offers gift cards, not coupons, their upscale image is maintained and customers are proud to use them.

This is how it works:

– BirthdayPak has the unique ability to reach affluent consumers living local to the businesses featured in BirthdayPak.

– She receives her highly-personalized BirthdayPak as she makes plans to celebrate her birthday – a powerful psychological trigger for consumer spending.

– She recognizes the local businesses and goes online to activate.

– The Smiths have finally succeeded in communicating to their best customer and the steady increase in sales does not overwhelm the staff.

She is now part of the BirthdayPak community and will receive a BirthdayPak on her next birthday. Throughout the year she is reminded to visit the Smith’s restaurant.

Advertise today with BirthdayPak and leverage life’s memorable moments!