Timewax Explainer Video

Timewax Explainer Video


2D animation
Stop Motion
Motion Graphics


“Shhharoarr!” (King Kong)


After the success we had with the Jambi animation we were contacted by Timewax (a cloud based software for managing projects and resources), who was looking for a similar animated video.

In this case the client didn’t want such a hardcore stop motion/paper cut effect but a little extra post production for aggregate value. For this reason we mixed both some paper cut/stop motion CGI with real-world lights and post production.

Meet Tim. In his company he’s responsible for assigning resources to projects.

And lately it’s becoming a real pain.

New projects, priorities and changes keep popping up every day.

He is using a spreadsheet to keep track of the project and resource planning, but it’s not working.

Mistakes are made, frustrating everyone, even clients.

Tim tried using ERP software to control it but it was too clunky and expensive.

Other systems seem to focus on project planning only.

He needs something to manage the resource planning as well

Wouldn’t it be great if he had something as simple as an old- fashioned planning board?

Well now he can! Tim can use the Timewax Planning Board turning Project & Resource Planning into a piece of cake.

Project Managers can submit resource requests.

Tim can simply assign projects and resources by dragging and dropping them in the Planning Board

The Timewax mobile app will inform employees

Wherever they are.

And they can report the progress when they’re done.

This saves Tim a lot of time.

Improves project delivery.

And best of all: Tim’s company can now do more work with the same number of employees.

Directly increasing their profits.

So don’t waste time, but save time by subscribing today!