Divorce Your Jewellery


2D animation
Character design


Cher would share, and you can too!


Series of animations to promote a jewelry chain in Sydney, Australia, which provides an easy, safe and reliable way for people to sell their unwanted gold and other jewelry items.

Take your unwanted gold & jewellery to one of our stores, it doesn’t matter if they are broken or damaged.

You can even bring things like coins or nuggets, and we pay extra for diamonds.

In front of you we will expertly appraise your pieces, and explain their cash value. We are experienced jewellers not pawnbrokers, so that assures you of a top price.

How much your pieces will be worth is based on their quality, gold content and current gold prices.

We will total your items and give you our best cash offer.

You will then be paid cash instantly!!

Divorce your Jewellery.

Turn your ex-jewellery into ex-tra cash.