Modani Furniture


2D animation
Character design


Be a Jedi. Share.


With stores in 8 sates and 1 in Canada, Modani Furniture is one of the fastest growing modern furniture retailers in the US.

Modani contacted us looking for an animated, upbeat video targeted to modern furniture buyers (online or in stores) so they could promote their services and share their lower cost, high quality products.

Have you ever tried buying modern furniture from brand names, 
only to find you’d have to mortgage your house to afford it?

Or maybe you thought about taking a day off to visit an Ikea store,
 50 miles away from home, before realizing you had to rent a Uhaul and take
 another day to assemble the puzzle?

Ever strained your eyes from browsing thousands of items online to find out
 that you actually bought a couch that’s too ugly for your home and too bulky
to return?

Make no more mistakes.
 At Modani, we offer curated modern collections at a fraction of the going price.
And you get to browse them online, or try them for yourself in a store near you.  

When we merge ‘online’ and ‘in store’ shopping… you win!

Modani Furniture