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Advanced photography is expensive for enthusiasts and professionals alike. At the same time, a photographer needs more than one lens depending on the situation (wide angle, zoom, prime, etc.). With Flaminke,  users have greater access to a wide variety of lenses at a lower cost.

Flaminke is a web-based platform where photographers subscribe to a lens rental service using the Netflix DVD business model. For as low as $99 per month, users can browse their lens selection and borrow as many lenses as they want (up to $1,000 value) with no return dates or late fees.

Meet Adam. Adam loves photography – I mean real photography. He’s pretty good at it too – sometimes he’ll cover a friend’s wedding and he takes amazing shots while on vacation.

But let’s face it, if you’re like Adam, you don’t want to be a pretty good photographer, you want to be an awesome photographer, and you won’t get far with just your kit lens. The problem is additional lenses can cost anywhere  between $300 and $3000!

Well, to take great pictures you have to pay the price, right? Wrong! Introducing Flaminke, a subscription-based camera lens rental service that gives you access to a wide variety of lenses for one low monthly fee.

It’s Netflix for camera lenses. Just browse our online catalog, select the lenses you need and we’ll mail them directly to your door. Keep them for as long as you want or return them to try out other lenses. It’s that simple!

Wait, there’s more! Loved that lens you rented? Buy it from us! Every month, part of your subscription fee will be credited to your account, which you can apply to the purchase price of your favorite gear. We understand that sometimes, you just have to own it.

So what are you waiting for? Visit us at flaminke.com to get started. It’ll be the difference between a Flamingo, and a lollipop.