Green Steps


2D animation
Paper Cut
Stop Motion


Use the Force, Luke….Share.


Green Steps works with a number of organizations across Australia, the United Kingdom and Asia to deliver our award-winning sustainability training programs and intern placements.

They contacted QB Media after watching the Jambi and Timewax animated explainer videos, which rely heavily on a stop motion/ paper cut effect.

Every day we’re bombarded by warnings of a changing world…. Climate change, heat waves, poverty, deforestation, floods, rising seas, and overpopulation among others.

For all of us, facing such huge problems can be overwhelming. As an individual it’s easy to feel small, insignificant and ask “How do we change the world when we are just one person?”.

Well, at Green Steps we believe one person is all we need. We believe that a single step can inspire a movement that leads to real change.

So grow some veg, live waste free or start a conversation about the future you want to see. Change a single behaviour and you can change the world

Become a sustainability change agent today by taking part in ‘Take One Step’ with Green Steps. Join the movement at