2D animation
Character design


“If you like, share you must.” (Yoda)


We created a brand new animated video for Harness, a mobile application used by contractors to manage their health & safety program the best possible way.

Harness replaces paper forms, tracks worker training, and stores needed documents. Field workers can access their safety documents anytime, anywhere. Harness reduces administration, lowers insurance premiums, and helps companies create a culture of safety.

Laurie runs a contracting business and she knows that having a good health & safety program is more than just complying with the law. It’s the way she can win more business, reduce insurance costs, and make sure her workers come home to their families each night.

Unfortunately, until now having a good health and safety program has involved hiring outside consultants, bringing on dedicated safety personnel, and managing A LOT of paperwork. The administrative burden is often too much for smaller contractors so they end up doing nothing at all, hoping that they don’t have an incident or OHSA inspection. Not good.

That’s why Laurie signed up for Harness. Now her field employees can perform day to day safety tasks like toolbox talks, inspections, and more right on their smartphone or tablet. Harness also tracks all her workers training records so she knows who has what and can take action BEFORE workers need to be re-certified. Best of all, Harness automatically links to her suppliers to obtain and store their SDS and other important documents.

Laurie and her staff obviously spend far less time on paperwork now and she can use Harness to instantly identify the areas where she might need to focus her attention. Her insurance company loves this and she expect her safety rating to get better over time, saving her significant money every year. She can also bid and win on more jobs.

Find out what thousands of contractors already know. That Harness is the perfect app to manage your safety program. Contact us today for a full demo.