Jambi explainer video


2D animation
Stop motion
Motion GFX


“Me like, Me share!” (Tarzan)


Featured in several explainer video curated galleries, Jambi’s stop motion animated video was a success. Well, not really stop motion as we really didn’t use this technique. Actually the video was created completely with an animation software while we mimicked the stop motion look and feel!

Jambi is an online community which allows users to trade with carbon credits and carbon projects, making this world a better place to live in.

So you’re interested in starting a carbon project that you can profit from?

The problem is you have no idea where to start, or where to find the right people?

Or maybe you already have an existing project with a bunch of carbon credits that you’re ready to sell?

At Jambi, we make it easy for you to list carbon projects using our state of the art online platform.

By listing your property or project on Jambi, you can connect with a community of experts in carbon farming, carbon trading and carbon finance.

Jambi is full of opportunities for investment, forward selling, and partnering opportunities.

So whether you’re a farmer, project developer or an investor in renewable projects, Jambi can help you get the perfect paring that you need.


Here’s how it works….

First post your project, and include any details you wish to share…

Next you’ll start receiving proposals from our community of service providers, private investors and large companies that are interested in discussing your listing further.

You can easily review their portfolios, and once you’ve decided on somebody to work with, we make collaboration easy by providing you with your very own carbon dashboard.

At Jambi, you get to negotiate your own deals in your own time, and importantly there are no commissions.

Having trouble getting started?

Don’t worry…. we offer comprehensive support and can help you every step of the way.

So post a project today!

jambi.com.au….. connecting carbon projects with carbon experts.