NCAA Animated Infographic

NCAA Animated Infographic


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Our second animation for the Busbank. In this case BusBank needed an animated infographic explaining how traveling affects college athletes while competing on NCAA Tournaments.

Have you ever wondered how traveling long distances affects winning during March Madness?

Let’s start off with a little history lesson.

Did you know that #1 seed has never lost in the 1st round to a 16th seed? And that Top 4 seeds win 80% of the time in rounds 1&2? Travel might have something to do with it as higher seeds travel an average of 128 fewer miles than lower seeded opponents

Being a lower seed isn’t easy when it comes to traveling for the NCAA Tournament. Lower seeded teams travel on average 435 miles further than the top 4 seeds. They pay heavily for this with their odds of winning being reduced to only 33.6% over teams that play closer to home.

Teams traveling east display the most significant symptoms of travel fatigue with multiple time zones making it even more difficult. Example teams traveling east for 2 0r more time zones only have a 38% win percentage Teams traveling from the Pacific Time zone to the central time zone lose right at 2/3rds the time.

West coast travel is far easier with teams heading west from the eastern time zone to Mountain Time zone have a win percentage of 55%. Teams staying within same time zone win just under that at 54%. Interesting enough, change in elevation has shown to have insignificant effect on game outcomes.
Traveling Long Distance Can Make It Tough with NCAA March Madness requiring teams to take a bus if game is within 350 miles of school. Here are some tips to minimize and avoid travel fatigue whether on a bus or a plane.

1. Stay Hydrated. More important if flying.
2. Try to sleep on the bus or plane especially when heading east multiple time zones
3. Take naps – Short 20-30 minute naps make the trip, go by quickly but also help you feel rejuvenated when you reach you destination.

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