Not in the Gym explainer video


2D animation
Character design


“If you like, share you must.” (Yoda)


Not In The Gym is a UK based personal trainer database which provides training services where and when the client decides to do some exercise.

For this animation NITG wanted to show the benefits of using a personal trainer rather than using a regular gym.

If you’ve made the commitment to shed a few a few pounds.

…or up your fitness level…

…nothing will keep you on track like hiring a personal trainer.

A personal trainer will give you one-to-one advice, based on your body type and experience, to help you get where you want to be.

A personal trainer can offer you expert advice on nutrition, training towards your goals, and overall health.

It’s easy to hurt yourself, especially if you’ve an existing condition with muscles or joints. Your trainer can suggest alternative exercises to avoid back ache or to concentrate on specific muscle groups.

The gym can be a dangerous place, your trainer will show you how to do it RIGHT.

A trainer will introduce you to new things, new foods, even new places to exercise, and help you keep your routine fresh.

Self improvement should be fun, not boring.

Sometimes progress can be slow, but a personal trainer can help you set short and long-term achievable goals.

They’ll help you see the progress your making.

Trainers can give you that personal attention that regular gym staff can’t. They’ll keep you going when you need it most.

Your personal trainer can optimize your time and give you the length of session that suits your life style. Wherever suits your lifestyle.

Our trainers visit clients wherever and whenever they are needed.

In your home, in your garden, at the office, at the beach, at your hotel, even in your local park…

A personal trainer is an investment in YOU. You’ll carry the results around with you forever, and that’s money well spent.

Whatever you want to achieve.

Whatever goal you’ve set yourself.

Visit today, and find the right local trainer for you.