Staying Local


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Staying Local is a new property management service in UK. The company manages Airbnb listings on behalf of property owners in order to maximize their short-term rental income.

This animated video targets landlords and explains three elements of the service:

1. Vacant care: Staying Local looks after your empty property.
2. Airbnb hosting management: Staying Local handles the bookings, guests, cleaning, maintenance and customer service. This way landlords can rest easy.
3. Guaranteed income: Guaranteed rental income gives Landlords peace of mind, regardless of market conditions.

Alex owns a beautiful home in London, but it’s empty for large chunks of the year.

And that’s a problem.

Because a vacant home is vulnerable… to theft… and damage.

And although he doesn’t live there all year, he still pays the bills and taxes for a year!

We have a simple solution.

At Staying Local we help Alex better manage his most valuable asset.

While he’s away, we take care of his vacant home… so he can sleep at night knowing it’s secure.

And to turn his property from an expense to an earner, we help promote his home in the lucrative short-term rental market.
You see the travel market has changed.

Before people only booked hotels. Now they also book residential houses.

That’s because travellers want to stay in real homes in real neighbourhoods. And to enjoy a more authentic local experience.

And homeowners want to earn extra income.

But wait…

Alex is not sure. Renting his home sounds like hard work.

And he doesn’t want to be tied to long-term rental agreements.

At Staying Local we provide a flexible way for Alex to make money by renting his property while he’s away.

He can still use his home whenever he wants (after all it is his house)

And we handle the entire guest experience for him, from bookings to hosting to the cleaning.

So Alex doesn’t have to lift a finger…

He can just sit back and watch the money roll in.

His home still looks beautiful.

He’s earned easy money.

And he’s had zero hassle.

Staying Local is the smart way to protect and earn money from your vacant home.


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