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Our second animated project for Green steps (now Take One Step) aims to engage and educate business students at university about the importance of sustainable development in the future of business.

Business students are often motivated by top jobs and big pay packets. Take One Step wants them to learn that businesses require graduates who can think outside the box and support them to shift their business models in a rapidly changing world that is impacted by climate change, rising inequality and over-population to name a few.

The video targets first and second year university students studying business, economics, accounting, marketing etc., ages 18-21 and located in Australia (50%), China and Indonesia.

This is Sue.

Sue has dreams of landing herself a top graduate job, but Sue doesn’t want any old job. She wants to work with a company that’s innovative, ambitious and cares about the world we live in.

You see Sue has noticed the world is changing. She asks…
How do I know if the products I buy have been made ethically?
Or will the industries we rely on today even exist in the future?
And how can I help my future employer take this leap in a changing world?
Operating in a world that is responsible, safe and fair is good for business. That’s why leading businesses have signing up to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals to help shape a better world over the next 15 years.
Many businesses have already taken steps to improve their practices and are looking to hire graduates, like you, who can turn ideas into action. So how do you prove you’re the right person for the job?

Having examples of actions that you’ve taken in addition to your degree speaks loudly to businesses. That’s why we challenge you to Take One Step, one action, in your own life to make the world a better place.
Go beyond recycling and reduce the amount of packaging you buy
Or be efficient and get smart about the energy you consume.

Whatever Step you take, you’ll be showcasing your ability to turn an idea into action and that’s who businesses will look for to help shape a better world.

Don’t wait, Take One Step today!