Universal Pictures – Jurassic World Dominion

2D animation
Character design
Character animation
Mixed Media


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Creating an animated video for the movie Jurassic World Dominion was an exciting and challenging experience. Universal Pictures wanted to promote new DVD sets of the Jurassic World movies while keeping the brand alive and showcasing how dinosaurs would roam the world and live near human beings as an event of what happened on the last movie. For this we need to create a single animation that could be adapted to different social sites and it’s aspect ratios (TikTik, YouTube, Instagram, etc).

The first step was to understand the studio’s requirements and expectations for the video.We did thorough research on the movie’s storyline and after delivering some ideas we finally settled on two kids playing soccer and having an encounter with a big Therizinosaurus by chance The animation was created in a way that would showcase the power and grace of the dinosaur as well as the fear and awe that the humans would experience.